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Ian Rogers

Chief Executive Officer

ACE Project Solutions Ltd


A Visionary in Property and Facilities Management For over four decades, Ian has been an integral figure in the dynamic world of Property and Facilities Management. With an impressive track record and a wealth of experience, he has left a mark on numerous projects in both the public and private sectors, including ventures involving Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). As a chartered surveyor by training, Ian's early career revolved around the intricacies of large construction projects, providing him with a deep understanding of how buildings are conceived and constructed. Ian's extensive experience has afforded him a comprehensive knowledge of Construction, Facilities Management, Maintenance, Estate Management, and the complexities of PFI/PPP contracts. His expertise in these domains makes him a formidable force in the industry. One of Ian's key strengths lies in his holistic perspective, fully grasping the importance of the entire life cycle of a project. Ian's meticulous approach has led him to develop an intricate process that ensures seamless progression from inception to operations, guaranteeing the success of every undertaking. Ian's unwavering commitment to the field of Property and Facilities Management has positioned him as a visionary in his own right. His vast experience, coupled with his keen understanding of the industry's intricacies, enables him to seamlessly bridge the gap between design and operation. As an expert who has witnessed the evolution of the industry firsthand, Ian continues to drive innovation and excellence, shaping the landscape of Property and Facilities Management for years to come.

 What to expect during the event

Introduction: In today's construction industry, despite the emphasis on technology and standards, there has been limited impact on productivity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. While we understand the problem, a solution has yet to be implemented. Although we are familiar with all the elements and parts involved in a project, they are not necessarily executed in the right order. Therefore, a radical change of approach is required, one that considers the end game from the project sponsors' perspective right from the beginning of the process. Understanding the Problem: Technology and standards play crucial roles in the construction industry, yet they have not yielded the desired outcomes. It is clear that the missing link lies in the order in which project elements are undertaken. The Call for a Radical Change: To address this issue, we must adopt a more logical and profound approach. By considering the project sponsors' perspective from the start, we can redefine the concept of order in construction projects and pave the way for transformation. The Power of Order: The power of order in construction lies in its ability to enhance productivity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. By prioritizing tasks and aligning them with project goals, we can unlock the potential for brilliance in construction projects. Implementing the New Approach: Implementing this new approach involves rethinking project planning and initiation. Collaboration and communication play key roles in ensuring successful execution. Real-life case studies and success stories will illustrate the effectiveness of this approach. Overcoming Challenges: Identifying potential roadblocks and obstacles is crucial. By developing strategies to mitigate challenges and leveraging technology and innovation, we can overcome hurdles and achieve success. Conclusion: To revolutionize the construction industry, we must embrace a radical change in approach. By unleashing the power of order and considering the project sponsors' perspective, we can drive productivity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness to new heights. Let us embark on this journey together and transform bollocks into brilliance.

From Bollocks to Brilliance: Unleashing the Power of Order

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