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Ian Rogers

ACE Project Solutions Ltd



Ian has been working in the Property and Facilities Management arena for some forty years and has worked and/or advised on many FM and PFI/PPP projects both public and private sector. He is a chartered surveyor by training and spent the early part of his career working on large construction projects, so knows how buildings are put together. As a result, Ian has in-depth experience of how buildings should operate and can therefore relate the design of a building into operational requirements. He has a comprehensive knowledge of Facilities Management, Maintenance, Estate Management, PFI / PPP contracts, and Construction. Ian fully understands the whole life cycle approach to a project and has developed a process from inception to operations to ensure projects are successful.

 What to expect during the event

What is the secret code for a successful project such that BIM data can be applied to the whole life cycle of a project, I will explore the main documentation that is required and all the data requirements that are required, and how they should be structured.

Project Evaluation - Knowing the projects big why and vision.
Project Viability - Having detailed project initiation documentation and a comprehensive project brief.
Project set up - Setting it all up for success including all the data requirements.

The Secret Code to a Successful Project Initiation for BIM Data

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