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Clive Jordan


Co-founder and CEO

Clive is a Civil Engineer turned Contractor, Architect, Owner, and now Co-founder at his second BIM/AEC startup, Plannerly. At Plannerly (The BIM Management Platform), Clive helps teams simplify BIM implementation to ISO 19650 standards.

 What to expect during the event

If you're like me, you're probably tired of hearing about the "importance of ISO 19650" and of the term "Information Management" in AEC, without any real substance behind HOW to effectively implement these important principles. We know that BIM has the potential to greatly improve project success when planned, managed, and controlled well, but it can also hinder success if not used effectively. In this presentation, we will provide 5 practical tips for maximizing the potential of information management within your company. So practical that you can employ them today! Join me to learn how to make the most of your BIM/Information Management strategies and say goodbye to information management confusion and chaos.

Maximizing BIM Success: 5 Practical Tips for Effective Information Management in AEC

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