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Anand Stephen

Gannett Fleming

Digital Delivery Leader

Anand Stephen, PE, Digital Delivery Leader, Roadway Business Group
With 25 years of experience in engineering, software development, and sociology, Anand brings a unique perspective. He holds Professional Engineer licenses in New Jersey and California. His infrastructure design and digital delivery expertise spans diverse regulatory contexts in the US. Anand is instrumental in advancing various digital delivery and transformation strategic initiatives. He is a dedicated mentor of emerging technologies and related quality management systems. He leads multiple initiatives on artificial intelligence, including prototyping and accessing trustworthiness, bridging engineering and software development, driving innovation in digital transformation, and providing guidance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) use policies. In addition, Anand has made significant impacts through articles and conference presentations, including getting published in the Engineering News-Record (ENR). You can contact Anand at for any comments or questions and follow him on LinkedIn at anand-stephen.

 What to expect during the event

With the exponential proliferation of artificial intelligence in the past couple of years, trust has reentered people's imaginations. An unintended but necessary consequence. How do we trust the results from systems built to function as black boxes?
Trust is pivotal to technological adoption; it enables or barricades innovations. Hernan Diaz's Pulitzer-winning novel Trust delves into its fragile nature and illustrates how trust is built, maintained, and shattered.
For those leading technology enablement, we have a unique opportunity to build trust in technology. Trust impacts tech adoption when nurtured through transparency, reliability, and ethics. I will explore building trust in technology adoption using Daniel Kahneman's work to enhance confidence in technologies and promote their adoption, fostering more innovation.
In low-risk industries like AEC, trust in technology adoption is crucial. Building trust involves addressing data security, privacy, legal requirements, and ethical concerns. Effective communication, consistency, and regulatory frameworks are essential in fostering trust. Understanding and addressing the dynamics of trust can significantly influence the adoption and integration of innovative technologies within AEC, and it is a challenge we must face head-on.

1. Understand the Importance of Trust in Technological Adoption
2. Identify Key Factors in Building Trust in Technology
3. Apply Strategies to Foster Trust in Low-Risk Industries

Trust & Technological Adoption: The Intertwined Saga

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