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Trevor Owen

Product Manager - Integrated Design Services


Trevor has been using Revit and BIM practices since 2011 and seen firsthand the adoption in the industry. Trevor Owen is a Product Manager for BIM/VDC Services who creates innovative solutions that AEC professionals value and trust. Before starting at Hilti, Trevor spent ten years at an electrical contractor in New Orleans, six of those as a BIM Manager where he grew the team from 1 to 4 full-time BIM Specialists. He also pioneered the way they approached projects having implemented ~40 iPads in the field, full BIM on all projects, a Robotic Total Station, and turned part of the warehouse into a Prefab shop. After a successful career helping the construction industry in New Orleans, Trevor now develops innovative solutions that integrate into AEC digital workflows. Trevor enjoys spending time with his family, friends and traveling.

 What to expect during the event

With the construction industry plateauing or possibly declining in productivity over the past several decades there has emerged an opportunity to look at improvements to the process itself. One obvious area of opportunity is in the digitization of workflow from initial concept through to operations. We plan to dive into the topic with initial focus on recognition of the problem and the unique opportunity this provides construction professionals. Also, designing your project digitally with the end goal in mind allows for better planning, adjustments, collaboration with stakeholders and ultimately yields productivity. The foundation for success start with standardizing People, Processes, and Technology. We first look at my definition of BIM and VDC. Then, we get into where to focus for scaling teams in a quality manner. I address the labor shortage that is affecting the field teams as well as the back office teams and how staying focused and standardized will help during the chaos. Next, I talk about having defined and standardized processes depending on the workflow and expected goal you are trying to accomplish. Finally, we look at the technology required along the way that best equips the People and best suits the process.

The Gray Area of BIM - Means and Methods and Why We Should Consider Modeling Them

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