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Teja Royal Katta

DSA international

BIM Coordinator

I'm responsible to managing the BIM model development process, including creating and following BIM modelling standards and guidelines, coordinating with architects and other stakeholders, developing schedules for design reviews, checking BIM models for accuracy, and communicating changes to BIM models to stakeholders. ensure that projects run smoothly and efficiently.

 What to expect during the event

The aim of this session is to give you a deeper understanding of the industry best practice for the definition and communication of project information requirements. This session focuses on the requirements for information during the delivery phase of assets and how the project information model can provide the answers to the questions that need to be answered to make informed decisions. You will look at how information is needed to support the design and construction of assets and how all these requirements are communicated during each appointment via a schedule of exchange information requirements.

Project Information Requirements

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