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Tanaka Tande

TN Zunzanyika Associates

BIM Coordinator, RICS CPM, Cost Manager & Project Manager


I am passionate about sustainable infrastructure development coupled with a keen interest in the latest technology and efficient systems of managing construction projects. My career goal is to ensure that principles of sustainable development are considered in any project.
I am a professional Project Manager and Construction Cost Manager who has gained experience in various projects of different nature and sizes from commercial office blocks, banks, retail facilities, industrial facilities, civil engineering works, educational facilities and residential apartments development.
I am passionate about delivering value for money for every project, including identifying, raising and reporting valuable insights to help improve the client’s business objectives.

 What to expect during the event

Globally, the current state and levels of infrastructure in developing countries is inadequate to meet the demands of the growing population especially in urban areas, which creates the need to develop more modern infrastructure to meet this demand. The solution to have additional and modern developments in developing countries is good, but it will result in harmful effects to the environment, economic growth and society if modern sustainable construction technology principles issues are not considered.
To best implement sustainable construction principles, the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals need to consider Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) through Building Information Modelling (BIM) in order to collaborate together, concentrating on the project objectives collectively and holistically in a digital simulated environment, to have well-coordinated effective and efficient approach to utilize the scarce resources.
BIM provides an opportunity for AEC professionals to visualise and analyse the best ways to achieve sustainability on a digital model before actual construction commences at the site thereby minimising chances of reworks which is costly due to some aspects that could have not been foreseen during design development if BIM analysis had not been done. BIM is important to simulate the actual construction process in the digital environment to establish safe, lean, effective and efficient ways to undertake the development. Also, during the operation phase of projects done through BIM, systems can be put in place to monitor and control the building performance ensuring that it remains as planned such as energy and water efficiency and indoor environment quality to meet sustainability goals.

Sustainable Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) through BIM

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