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Sunil Joshi


DGTRA Consultancy Private Limited

Mr. Sunil Joshi is the Founder & CEO of DGTRA. Mr. Joshi brings more than 20 years of experience in the AECO Industry and has worked with several firms across US, Europe, APAC, India, and ME. He is a Strategic BIM Advisor to several construction & infrastructure companies and has been instrumental in re-engineering their business processes to adopt Technology. By training, he is a Civil Engineer with post-graduation in business management and is also a RICS certified BIM Professional. Mr. Joshi is also the co-founder & Board member of The Confederation of Digital Construction Practitioners and buildingSMART India. He is also associated in academic capacity as member of the board of studies at MIT-ADT university.

 What to expect during the event

While Construction Industry contributes to more than 15% of the world’s GDP, it is among the lowest when it comes to Digitalization. Growing infrastructure demand and promising benefits of BIM & Digitalization is accelerating the need for BIM adoption among the AECO community, of which more than 90% firms are small & medium sized (SMEs). Our proprietary “4C” framework have been evolved from the learnings based on several projects we have implemented across geographies. The 4Cs stands for Clarity, Culture, Cost & Cloud as elaborated below: • Clarity – BIM is not a prescriptive solution. Every organization must have a firmwide clarity on why they are adopting BIM, how it links to their immediate and long-term business needs. • Culture – Culture is one of the biggest impediments to BIM. Knowing point of motivations and peaks of resistance is very critical. • Cost – This is not much spoken, but it is an underlying reason for most failures. Cost drives the phasing of BIM implementation, investments, and critical business decisions. • Cloud – Document Management and object-based 3D Modelling has been there for more than past 3 decades. It is cloud which has provided the simple and scalable collaborative solution for a fragmented construction industry. The 4Cs are to be addressed at a strategic level to ensure that the time & money invested in BIM is well justified. This presentation will discuss live examples and case studies of 4Cs.

4Cs that can make or break firmwide BIM initiatives.

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