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Steve Deadman

Ideate Software

Customer Success Manager


Steve’s CAD/BIM experience stretches back to his first job in 2001 as a CAD Coordinator. Since then, he has built a proven track record of BIM implementations at award-winning architectural practices, including several on The Architect’s Journal’s Top 20 list. At his most recent employer prior to Ideate Software, Steve was the Head of BIM for nearly five years, and his many accomplishments included successfully leading the company in gaining a BIM Level 2 accreditation from Lloyd Register, working with senior leadership to develop strategic plans to implement and improve BIM workflow, and maintaining standards to assure compliance at annual BIM level 2 accreditation surveillance visits. Introduced to Ideate Software productivity tools for Revit more than 10 years ago, Steve has actively participated in their development by sharing details of BIM challenges, testing beta products, and providing feedback that helps Ideate Software create tools that solve persistent problems in architecture, engineering, construction, and building owner workflows. Already a huge fan of Ideate Software, Steve joined as the Customer Success Manager for the UK/EMEA region in 2021. Today, he leverages his extensive knowledge of CAD, BIM, Revit software, and Ideate Software tools to help customers get a strong return on their software investment.

 What to expect during the event

From digital twins to Ai and machine learning to Robot dogs, technology is making a big impact in the Architecture, engineering and construction industries, but it’s easy to forget the important things and get carried away. In this session we will stress the importance of why quality control, quality assurance, model health and best working practices are essential in ensuring successful project delivery. Your Digital Twin cannot perform optimally with missing or incorrect data. In this presentation we will review some of the strategies and tactics for ensuring your models are kept in good health and are compliant with project standards. • We will review key areas that should be included as part of your regular health check and auditing processes. • We will take a look at specific issues like Revit Warnings, which are critical to model health. • What tools are available to assist with these processes.

Quality Control and best practices for successful project delivery

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