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Slava Ivanov

QA & BIM Engineer @NRC Group / Founder @PlainView

NRC Group Finland / PlainView

I am Slava, a quality assurance and BIM engineer based in Finland. My main job is to provide as-build models of the city infrastructure. The end users are the project owners, the city transport governing bodies and maintenace & operation orgnaizations. Apart from the main job I am developing a cloud based 3D modelling solution, called PlainView, that helps me turn raw survey data - point and line array - into 3D as-builts, filled with necessary metadata and additional documentation. My educational background is comprised of B.Eng in Material Science and a BIM Cordinator degree.

 What to expect during the event

As-Builts modelling for Urban Infrastructure & Data loss in transition Since I became an As-Built modelling engineer for a Light Rail & City Infrastructure buildership, I discovered a few issues that in my opinion reduce the construction and maintenance efficiency and slow down the research & development within infrastructural BIM segment. Lack of BIM knowledge outside of the contractor circle - project owners, facility operators, asset owners are mostly not aware what As-Built model or a Digital Twin is - thus they don't know what sort of deliverables they should demand, and how would they benefit from As Builts Data loss in transition - different BIM platforms are usually good at visualizing 3D geometry but metadata, external links and othe valuable information often gets lost in transition - after the construction is finished, models still require updates for more efficient maintenace and operation Procedures and tools are often too complicated - people of the industry are often reluctant to work on multiple software platforms and are looking for a shortcut to create and update the models I would like to say a few words on how I am trying to address above mentioned issues, by actively educating our project owners and facility operators, creating open format As-Builts that contain all the necessary data and travel across BIM platforms as one single compound and developing a solution that makes creating and maintaining Digital Twin models as easy as a BIM Instagram.

As-Builts Modelling for Urban Infrastructure & Data Loss in transition

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