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Saleh Salem

Dar Al-omran consultants

Project BIM consultant


My name is saleh, I work as project BIM consultant with a consultant office called Dar Al-Omran consultants. I graduated on 2009 as a civil engineer from Mu’tah university, Jordan. I joint the BIM field on 2012 with my contractor employer SBG, and I was amazed with BIM potential where I kept working with BIM tools till now since then. I joint Middlesex university for MSc on 2020 in BIM management and currently in the thesis stage. In addition, I spent the most of my professional carrier with a mega contractor employer SBG by which I have a vivid understanding for the impact, losses and suffering that poor information my cause. Therefore, my goal is to expand my knowledge in BIM and project management in order to enhance BIM utilization into multiple project’s stages to degree that eliminate any source of information ambiguity, difficulty and conflict where project can be constructed smoothly with no delays, disrupt, claim etc. my biggest achievement in BIM regards that being among the core BIM team how implement BIM into SBG and leading the process in the company pilot project KFSH.

 What to expect during the event

AEC industry still fragmented in many regions around the globe where IPD and BIM still not fully adopted, and teams still work in silo during different phases which affect BIM uses especially in project managerial tasks such as time and cost related. As a result, discrepancies between the design-phase’s BIM deliverables and construction-phase’s requirements will occur, especially with the lack of collaboration between design and contractor teams and availability of ambiguous BEP. Therefore, BIM models of design phase is either will be ignored and new model will be built to serve cost and time activities. Otherwise, and most likely, cost and time activities will be processed in the same old fashion ignoring BIM model of design phase. In response, there is a need for a holistic framework to guide the design team in order to deliver BIM model that is suitable for time and cost management during construction, and guide construction team to effectively deploy, maintain and develop the delivered BIM model. In this regards the main out come of the webinar are: •Define the most pressing gap and it causes (knowledge gap, trust gap, interest gap etc.) •Define few possible solutions and recommendations. •Develop a framework to enhance design phase deliverables and construction phase utilization.

Bridging the gap between design and construction phases via a framework to develop an effective BIM model for time and cost management

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