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Ryan Forde


Architectural Technologist & BIM Coordinator


Ryan Forde is an Architectural Technologist and BIM Coordinator at ArcDox, a leading BIM Consultancy practice based in Dublin. Part of the talented ArcDox team, Ryan’s day to day roles in ArcDox can vary from BIM Consultancy, Training, Model Production and providing Technical Support. Certified as an Autodesk Instructor and Revit professional, Ryan also teaches part-time on the MSc in aBIMM (Applied Building Information Modelling and Managing), and the BSc BIM (Digital Construction) third level courses in TU Dublin, where he also obtained his MSc degree in aBIMM Ryan will be presenting a short talk on “The Importance of the Project Information Manager” which will focus on the duties and daily functions of the information manager, the need for better information management, and taking on the role of information manager as a BIM consultant.

 What to expect during the event

My name is Ryan Forde, I am a BIM Coordinator and Trainer at ArcDox I am going to spend the next 10-15 minutes talking about the importance of the Project Information Manager. The reason I want to talk about this topic comes from my own experiences executing the role of Information Manager on several projects, which range in various sizes, shapes and scopes. The topics I want to discuss have been documented quite well in the latest standards, but still emerge in discussions from time to time with different project stakeholders. The aim is to review the importance of information management, the duties and responsibilities of the information manager and how tasks are managed and completed over the lifecycle of a project

The Importance of the Information Manager

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