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Ross Griffin




Ross Griffin is an experienced Senior Cost Specialist with a demonstrated history of working on large scale projects in the construction industry. He is the Founder of KOSMOS and The FIFTH DIMENSION, where he is also Chief Commercial Specialist and CEO respectively. At KOSMOS, they provide specialist commercial management services to the construction industry, while creating and implementing quality commercial standards and processes. The Fifth Dimension handles projects’ current and historical commercial activity, implementing analytical value-driven cost management. He is highly skilled in Project Estimation, Cost Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Cost Reporting, procurement strategy, contractual structures, 5D BIM and overall commercial management. Additionally, Ross has vast experience as a quantity surveyor and specialist cost manager at various companies. With his knowledge and expertise, he founded two companies. His two main passions in life are commercial management and rugby. Working in this area is quite like sports, to achieve a successful result you need a solid game plan, player focus and strong communication. The end result is not based on luck but on the fact that all players know their role, and appreciating and seeing value in the overall team effort. To be totally honest, he just really loves the game!

 What to expect during the event

Learning outcomes or take aways 1.Value driven cost management is an integrated collaborative process 2. The Digital QS needs to understand the 3D process and the tools used but does not need to be the expert 3. Regular communication is key, help each other to succeed 4. Do not wait until the design is delivered, work parallel with the design to make sure you get what you need 5. Quality is everyone's responsibility, cost is everyone’s responsibility, together it is achievable, alone it is impossible. PRESENTATION OUTLINE: We will walk the audience through a case study of a project we recently completed. A 160k m2, 26 building, 156 3D model project where we managed the design phase and quantities from the model. This required us to develope the BIM Execution Plan with the client stakeholders, have close collaboration and communication with the design teams, structure how we manged cost not from a cost management perspective but from a data management perspective. With 5 people (QSs) instead of the traditional 10-15, we were able to deliver over 30 document at the end of each design gate way as well as saving the client 9-11 weeks on the time schedule.

Value Driven Cost Management through Data Management

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