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Ross Griffin



Ross Griffin is an experienced Senior Cost Specialist with a demonstrated history of working on large scale projects in the construction industry. He is the Founder of KOSMOS and The FIFTH DIMENSION, where he is also Chief Commercial Specialist and CEO respectively. At KOSMOS, they provide specialist commercial management services to the construction industry, while creating and implementing quality commercial standards and processes. The Fifth Dimension handles projects’ current and historical commercial activity, implementing analytical value-driven cost management.

 What to expect during the event

The Digital & Carbon QS has now a new role, managing cost and carbon, but this is impossible using traditional manual process because of the level of work that would be involved. That is why we have developed a process that connects cost and carbon in one output, by using BIM and 3D information produced by other stakeholders we are able to reduce the time it takes to not only do cost but also to delivery carbon calculations.

- Connect cost and carbon
- Use digital information to speed up the process
- Updates and change management becomes easy

Connecting 5D to 6D

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