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Riccardo Piazzai



Riccardo Piazzai is an Architect and BIM expert, Co-Founder of NORDFY, a process-driven interdisciplinary creative agency focused on future readiness.
He has a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving and design development, with experience in design, coordination, and management. He is adept at utilizing the latest digital technologies to optimize sustainability impact. Since 2017, Riccardo has been working in computational design and BIM fields, with a particular focus on data-driven design workflows within a strategic framework.

Currently, he is developing the BIM digital strategy of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, bridging the gap between digital technologies and design practice. Throughout his career, Riccardo has worked in leading firms in Italy, Japan, and Denmark, leveraging his expertise through the use of cutting-edge tools. He has a strong understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks in applied creative/design processes and has developed innovative solutions incorporating AI to optimize and streamline design workflows.

Currently, Riccardo is enrolled in a second-level Master's program in Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence, focusing on digital technologies and processes in the built environment, at the University of Rome, La Sapienza.

His interest lies in the intersection between design, digital technology, and entrepreneurship as an opportunity to foster equality and future-ready thinking.
Since December 2022, Riccardo has joined forces with Tiago Pereira in the development of NORDFY.

 What to expect during the event

In the ever-evolving landscape of architectural practice, integration between design and technical teams is crucial for efficient project delivery. This presentation will explore the potential of Rhino.Inside as an innovative tool to streamline the process of data transfer between Rhinoceros and Autodesk Revit, ultimately bridging the gap between design, documentation, and management. Through real-time synchronization between the host software and Rhino/Grasshopper, this talk will demonstrate how integrated workflows can empower design teams, enhance project coordination, and enable prompt responses to changes and unexpected situations.
Key points of discussion will include the automation, the integration of Rhino and Revit workflows, advanced modeling capabilities, design optimization, and the implementation of parametric design techniques. The presentation will also highlight real-world examples of Rhino.Inside's application in various industries, emphasizing its versatility and practical benefits.
Attendees will gain valuable insights into strategies needed to master an integrated process, transforming the traditional interoperability approach into a seamless and efficient design experience. By utilizing Rhino.Inside to its full potential, design professionals can achieve more streamlined workflows, improved coordination, and better project outcomes.

Integrated Workflows: Streamlining Design, Documentation, and Management with Rhino.Inside

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