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Rebecca De Cicco

Principal, Digital Enablement


Rebecca De Cicco is the principal of digital enablement at Aurecon, following from the acquisition of Digital Node. Rebecca is also the chair and founder of Women in BIM, a global community of female and gender minorities. As an advocate for change, Rebeccas work primarily relates to the implementation and strategic support for companies looking to either implement BIM or Digital processes or find solutions toward upskilling. Her work is also focused on education and training, having worked with clients globally on the strategic upskilling of companies.

 What to expect during the event

This presentation will focus on the requirements in place to underpin digital twin outcomes during the operational phase of assets. Far too often are we seeing clients and asset owners request the elusive digital twin without understanding how the design and delivery phases of assets can fundamentally contribute to the operational aspects of how a digital twin can function. The presentation will touch on key aspects of digital project delivery, possible supporting processes as well as the capabilities needed to undertake certain tasks. Digital Twin outcomes and achieving greater operational efficiency is an important aspect toward asset owners strategic outcomes. These also relate to the sustainability, security and environment goals which may cities and jurisidctions are driving to support the greater digital efficiencies of our built assets.

From BIM to Information Management to Digital Twin Outcomes - A framework toward strategically aligning operational outcomes with project delivery.

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