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Paul Vesey

Lecturer in BIM and Project Management

Technological University of the Shannon


As an educator, my focus is on creating a rich learning environment for students. Technology is constantly changing and shaping the way we interact with the world and each other. In the my work, I focus on novel uses of hardware and software technologies in the Built Environment space. This includes AR, VR, 3D printing and Machine Learning Technologies. Within the Department of the Built Environment at TUS, our vision is to develop the skills and insight that will inform the next generation of technological, social and business innovation in the sector.

 What to expect during the event

The aim of this presentation is to provide academics with a clear workflow for setting up and administrating Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) in an academic setting. The administration of ACC can be a challenge in an academic setting. Managing large numbers of students and projects can create a significant administrative overhead for academics. This presentation will provide an overview of licence administration, class administration and user administration. The presentation will also present some of the lessons learned over the last 4 years in teaching and managing large classes using ACC for teaching and learning.

Administration of Autodesk Construction Cloud for Acacemics

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