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Paul Doherty

The Digit Group, Inc. (TDG)


Paul is CEO of The Digit Group, Inc. TDG (, a Singapore-registered Smart City real estate development and solutions company. As seen on Bloomberg TV and The Wall Street Journal, acknowledged by CNBC as one of America's Business Titans and reported by Forbes as “Changing the World”, Paul is an award-winning architect. a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council and a Fellow of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). Concurrently, Paul is the co-founder and producer of the critically acclaimed AEC Hackathon ( Paul’s current work includes the design, planning, construction and operations of Smart Cities around the world.

 What to expect during the event

The migration of the human race to urban environments is occurring at an unprecedented rate around the world, accelerated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. New and existing cities are urgently developing Smart City planning and implementing projects and programs to accommodate their citizens with a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment to live, work and play. Emerging tools and solutions like Digital Twins, Metaverse and Blockchain are critical components of the emergence of Smart Cities. Join us for an exploration of real world Smart Cities projects that are challenging our industry and discover how to deliver successful solutions. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1. Understand the new technology terms and definitions so you can make informed decisions. 2. Identify the value that Digital Twins, Virtual Worlds and the Metaverse provide you. 3. Implement practical slotting of technology and innovation strategies and solutions that meet market needs. 4. Position you and your firm to meet the challenges and opportunities the next generation of the Internet and data management in the form of Metaverse and Blockchain provide.

Unlocking The Metaverse: Digital Real Estate, BIM and the AEC Industry

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