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Nohier ElSamny

Head of Development

Square Engineering Firm


Head of Development at Square Engineering Firm - BIM Coordinators Summit Charter Member BIM Hero. "BIM Digital Construction Manager/Architect" of 14 years of experience in AEC industry, A graduate of Faculty of Engineering, Ainshams University, specialized in BIM Management and Digital Transformation of traditional workflows & mindsets. Nohier is the "Head of Development" in Square Engineering Firm; handling the corporate Digital Transformation integrational approach, data- & technology-driven Strategic Data Management to manage the Corporate Development through Digital Construction, process re-engineering, automation and continuous improvement. Fields of expertise: BIM Management, Construction Management, Lean Construction, Digital Transformation Strategy, in addition to preparing her Dual Degree Global Masters in Construction Project Management from University of Barcelona & Zigurat Global Institute of Technology. Keywords are: Collaboration, Integration, Development and Persistence!

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