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Nicoleta Panagiotidou

BIM Design Hub

Architect MSc | BIM specialist | PhD Candidate | Founder & Director at BIM Design Hub

Nicoleta is the founder and director of BIM Design Hub, an educational center specialising in ISO 19650 and Autodesk training. She actively supports digital skills development in the construction industry developing and delivering ISO 19650 BIM and Autodesk BIM-based courses and consulting services. BIM Design Hub is a member of the CPD (UK) Certification Service and an Authorized Autodesk training center. Nicoleta is an architect with more than 15 years of experience on a wide range of projects, from inception to completion. In addition to project management and design experience, she has developed expertise in the implementation of BIM standards and the integration of technology into multidisciplinary design workflows. Nicoleta is an Autodesk certified instructor, she specializes in Sustainable Design, with an MSc from the University of Edinburgh and she is currently researching a PhD in BIM, at UCL, London. As a researcher, she is investigating the conditions and factors that affect the BIM execution planning process. Nicoleta is also the co-founder of dialogueBIM an independent research group of professionals and researchers committed to digital innovation and the built environment. She participated both as a keynote and a guest speaker in BIM conferences and promotes BIM initiatives that add value to the industry and implement innovative based - business transformations. She is also a Regional Lead and Mentor in Women in BIM and the Greek Editor of the initiative BIM dictionary.

 What to expect during the event

According to ISO 19650, each member of the project team has specific information management functions for each activity that includes a set of tasks appointed by the client or the lead appointed party or a third party. For effective information management, it is vital to ensure that each of the tasks of the activities within the information delivery cycle will be performed by individuals and teams based on their ability to meet the information requirements established by the client. The terms competency, capability and capacity are employed by ISO 19650 to ensure that the delivery team has the appropriate level of experience, resources, training and technical and non-technical skills to perform a task in the required time and in accordance with the proposed pre-appointment BIM Execution Plan. This presentation provides an overview of the requirements of the standard for accessing the delivery team’s competency, capability and capacity to deliver information in an ISO 19650-driven project. It also presents the standard’s capability and capacity minimum requirements as well as the different definitions in terms of roles and responsibilities that occur in BIM implementation within the industry.

Information management skills for the construction sector according to ISO 19650

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