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Neil O'Reilly


Technical Director - Digital Information Manager


Neil is a Technical Director at Arcadis within the Mobility Department, with over 35 continuous years of collaborative experience within the AEC industry, he manages both corporate and project level strategies, emerging trends and technology advancements.

His Leadership journey is supported by extensive knowledge of Change Management, Interoperability, Compatibility and Co-ordination, providing the very best solutions for delivering a range of major Civil and Structural projects lifecycles. He approaches problems independently or engages a wider team to deliver innovative design to very tight deadlines.

Neil’s wealth of experience received has been from major projects that realise value. He is engaged to challenge preconceived ideas and explore Innovative tools to constantly improve the customer experience on the journey.

He is proactive in mitigating potential blockers in helping constantly improve digital outcomes.

Current Projects under his management are High Speed Two Ltd and Highways England Schemes at Handover stage and various Tenders.

 What to expect during the event

Objective of a BIM Operations Manager; Understanding the position of Pipelines with Current Projects undertaken and Win’s. Constantly review Team Members opportunities so nobody is at a disadvantage, provide variation of workload to improve skillsets and outcomes is the goal. Continue relentlessly focus on Customer Experience, Excellent Digital and Innovation to find improved intelligent ways of working. Be Well Informed; Slippage, Additional Scope along with Expect Start Dates. Early Engagement is KEY; Drive improvements to efficiency through better understanding of new capabilities. Experience I have gained a deep understanding of the challenges faced across the Business from past experience to strengthen delivery capabilities. For effectively deliver, we have established a highly qualified Management Team pyramid to optimise efficiency, in supporting excellence. We can call upon specialists individuals or departments to support intelligent outcomes (they don’t all have to be Mega Projects) Currently we have a large pool of suitably qualified Team Members to call upon from various time zones and skillsets to underpin Project Delivery. The challenge is always to align the business needs with Project durations, extra scope surfacing along with Projects that never seem to end! The Challenge + Recruitment and the Supply chain needs to keep up. Final part will be looking forwards and whats needs to be done.

Something a bit Different than ISO-19650

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