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Nathan Hildebrandt



Nathan is a globally recognised BIM subject matter expert and is acknowledged as being one of the few people that understands how to apply BIM to enable great outcomes for organisations on projects. His solid background in delivering building projects particularly for institutional clients gives him an organisational perspective on the application of BIM technology. As a previous Director of a major Architectural practice, Nathan has a strong understanding of business drivers and the need of building processes that add value to a business. He is skilled in understanding technologies and how they can be applied in business to improve effectiveness and efficiencies for day to day operations. His interest in improving industry has seen him contribute through his involvement in numerous industry groups. His rare combination of technical and leadership skills has led to his role in developing an industry leading Archicad BIM template, launching an Archicad user event, and chair role at BrisBIM. Nathan previously has been a Director of buildingSMART Australasia, and the chair of the ACA QLD | NT / AIA QLD BIM Taskforce. He also contributes to industry as a committee member of BILT ANZ. A testament to the level of respect he has in industry is the number of guests that have donated time to be guests on his BIM podcast, ‘The Digital Transition’

 What to expect during the event

With BIM processes being used on projects over the last two decades why aren’t we seeing significant improvements in the speed and accuracy in how we deliver projects? Why hasn’t the introduction of the ISO 19650 series of standards moved us forward? In this presentation Nathan will look at some of the fundamental problems we are facing in industry and share concepts that could be adopted to optimise the process of delivering projects. He will introduce BS EN 17412-1:2020 – ‘Building Information Modelling, Level of Information Need, Part 1: Concepts and Principles’ which take us all back to the fundamentals of ‘Why’ we are doing all this work in the first place. • Hear about the current problems we are creating with deliverables and learn how we can improve our deliverable requirements. • Learn how you can improve your collaboration processes. • Learn about BS EN 17412-1:2020 and how you can apply it across your business and projects.

We have BIM missing the point | Getting back to the fundamentals

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