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Mohamed Sherif

Operations Digital Transformation Head of Department

Rua AlMadinah Holding Company


As a Program BIM Digital Delivery Manager with 16 years of experience, I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to project life cycles. I have a proven track record of success across a variety of project types, including healthcare, sports, infrastructure, hospitality, residential, commercial, higher educational, mixed-use facilities, governmental, and theme parks. With a deep understanding of digital delivery and BIM, I am skilled in using technology to streamline project processes and ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency. My expertise allows me to effectively manage and coordinate multiple teams and stakeholders, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within budget. Throughout my career, I have focused on innovation and continuously improving processes, resulting in significant cost savings for my clients. My ability to balance technical knowledge with creative problem-solving has allowed me to deliver unique and innovative solutions for even the most complex projects. I am passionate about my work and thrive on the challenge of taking on new and exciting projects. With a strong focus on collaboration and communication, I am able to build strong relationships with clients, stakeholders, and project teams, resulting in successful outcomes for all involved. If you are looking for a dynamic and innovative Program BIM Digital Delivery Manager with a wealth of experience across a variety of project types, I would be excited to discuss how I can support your project needs.

 What to expect during the event

The assets operation management planning shall be done from early beginning of the project. This is including the Digital Transformation Plan of the Project and the organization from the client side. This will include the involvement with the design process, technology adaption and validation activities before moving to teh actual operation.

Digital Assets Requirements

No upcoming events at the moment
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