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Midhundas Mangalakkattu


Co Founder / BIM Manager


Enthusiastic BIM Aspirant with Good experience in BIM Both as an Industrial Professional as well as an Academician.

 What to expect during the event

In this presentation, we will delve into the significance of effective quality control measures and BIM standardization within the AEC industry. The discussion aims to tackle the challenges organizations face in implementing BIM, global adaptivity, and the role of software like Revit in optimizing the process. As BIM professionals, we'll offer valuable insights and recommendations to bridge the gap and promote industry-wide growth.Despite its proven benefits, the global adoption of BIM and adherence to its standards continue to pose significant challenges for many companies within the industry. Factors such as varying regional regulations, technological constraints, and lack of expertise can contribute to these hurdles.

As BIM professionals, we are in a unique position to offer practical, tailored solutions to address these challenges and bridge the gaps. The presentation will cover strategies to promote a more uniform understanding of BIM standards, enhance software integration, and encourage the adoption of best practices across the industry. By sharing our expertise and experiences, we aim to foster a more collaborative and efficient approach to BIM implementation on a global scale.

Key Points:-
-Implementing BIM quality control measures
-Standardizing BIM and software integration
-Addressing global adaptivity challenges
-Insights and recommendations from BIM professionals

Quality Control & BIM Standardization in the AEC Industry

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