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Michele Positano


BIM Manager


Currently I'm a BIM Manager on the project TELT (the train line between Lyon and Turin where will be one of the biggest tunnel in Europe 57.5 km) My experience arrive from different types role First off all, I was trainer and consultant on the software for Architecture Structure MEP Infrastructure GIS This experience allowed me to acquire a 360 degree knowledge on constructions. This was in Rome, Italie Ten years ago ,I decided to leave this beautiful city for another nice city, Paris In Paris i worked in the department of engineering very import in France, like Ingerop or SETEC. I had opportunity to work on the very different kinds of projects Skyscraper Airports Hospitals Undergrounds Museums So, the experiences continue to grow when COLAS ask to join COLAS is leader the construction way in the world In this period i worked On the Bangkok airport and Tramway of Liege Was very interesting because allowed me to understand the complete life cycle of construction.

 What to expect during the event

The European Unions’ 350 million citizens are getting an upgrade to how they connect across the continent. A network of high-speed lines already running or under construction in France, Italy, Spain, and many other European countries means transport from Milan to Paris and from Barcelona to Turin will one day happen in less than five hours. One of these mega projects is the construction of a railway between Lyon and Turin.  When complete, it will be 270 kilometres in length, shifting one million heavy vehicles per year from road to rail, and achieve an annual emissions reduction of three million tons of carbon dioxide. But constructing a sustainable and high-tech business transport corridor for goods and passengers is by far no mean feat. Overall Integrated strategy Work whit project leadership, including, construction Management, Project Management, and Controls to drive goals-oriented workflow and technology initiatives. Oversee, ensure quality of work, adherence to standards, evolve to standards and. Understand and be aware of project specific challenges, keep project leadership informed of progress. Ensure technical support of production teams, meet with discipline leaders to identify gaps, training needs, additional resources to better serve the team. Bridge between Design and Construction teams, planning BIM strategies to ensure across all phases. Reporting (Power BI, Excel or other) to inform project leadership on progress of project Inform project leadership regularly risk, challenges and risk mitigation solution where needed, deliverables not meeting requirement, unresolved design issues.

Digitalising complex infrastructure with BIM

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