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Michael Freiert

Pope Design Group

BIM Manager / Project Captain


Michael Freiert has many hobbies, a few professions, and a strong believer in and student of cross discipline creativity. He has worked in ACAD since R12, Revit since 6.1, and has beeen influenced in his design and work philosophy by working with things as varied as Legos, wood, audio, machining, sewing, cooking, explosives and gardening. He likes the most apt, if not the most conventional tool for a task. He's been working primarily in BIM Management roles for almost two decades now, with a healthy stint as a BIM mercenary.

 What to expect during the event

Accuracy and measurement is a complicated topic in general - what is accurate enough in grading a gravel road is very different from what is accurate enough in manufacturing a medical device smaller than a grain of rice. In BIM the objects we're trying to describe vary from their theoretical descriptions. We know that wall is not going to be a true dead flat plane located exactly a given distance from another, but intellectually we understand that our documentation model is not precisely what is going to be built. We accomodate that uncertainty with notes to field verify or coordinate, even when we have point cloud scans that have a known level of precision -- They may be theoretically accurate to with 3mm. But our BIM data is not imprecise - it is all exactly located at a particular point in space and time. This has impacts on how we design, document, build and operate, and is often overlooked in how it impacts not only our own work, but the work of our peers and collaborators farther down the BIM data pipeline. How does that impact us, and how can we do better?


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