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Maulik Gagani

Sr. BIM Expert

Tata Consulting Engineers Limited


Maulik is a Senior BIM Expert at India's first National High-Speed Railway Project, where he is entrusted to validate Post-Contract BIM implementation by different contractors, approve post-Contract BIM Execution Plans and models, ensuring pre-defined expectations.

As a transformational management strategist, he brings a fresh perspective to Post-Contract BIM implementation. With more than 5 years of experience, Maulik has coordinated 30+ agile engineering projects and is known for their innate ability to simplify complex concepts and drive impactful change.

Despite their relatively short time in the industry, Maulik has already made significant contributions. Their expertise in streamlining processes and enhancing collaboration has earned them recognition from peers and industry leaders.

Join us for an inspiring session as Maulik shares their practical insights and best practices for "Post-Contract BIM Implementation." Gain actionable strategies and invaluable lessons to excel in your own BIM implementation efforts.

 What to expect during the event

Post-Contract BIM Implimentation Strategies

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