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Matthew Jackson




With over 15 years of experience in the built environment sector, I am passionate about advancing sustainability and digital transformation in the construction industry. I have a diverse background in architecture, tech-startups, SaaS, strategic development, and marketing, which enables me to deliver innovative solutions and insights for clients and stakeholders across the globe.

As a co-founder of ZERO, a not-for-profit network of professionals with a common goal to make construction a zero carbon industry, I led the global engagement and community building efforts for this bold initiative. Previously, I held various roles at BIMobject, a leading digital content management platform for building information modeling (BIM), where I helped to revolutionise the way we use data around building products and implement workflows into design, build, and maintain phases for the construction process.

I also share my knowledge and expertise as a guest lecturer and speaker at various academic and industry events, covering topics such as data, sustainability, digitization, digitalization, digital transformation, BIM, and architecture. My mission is to make the industry understand that we need to use more data, measure what we do, and advance our processes throughout the project lifecycle for a better and more sustainable future.

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