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Matteo Orsi

Morris and Compan

Head of BIM and Digital Design


He graduated in 2007 cum laude at Universitá degli Studi di Firenze and subsequently earned a 2nd level university master’s degree in Public Realm Design. He set up his firm in 2008 in Lucca, Italy, focusing on education and public realm projects. Alongside his activity as Architect he delivered training on multiple aspects of Digital Design such as Design for manufacturing, 3D printing, software, and more generally digital processes for designers. In 2016 he moved to the UK and has since gathered extensive experience as an Architect and BIM specialist across all the project stages, scales and sectors spanning from residential to large scale housing, stadiums, and high-rise building. Through his career he constantly investigated the opportunities offered by digital tools and worked to integrate them into the everyday Architect’s routine. He also gathered wealth of experience on the development and delivery of complex projects, some of which designed by signature architects, through BIM processes and tools. He joined Morris and Company in 2021 as BIM Manager and since 2022 he is Head of BIM and Digital Design taking the responsibility for the company-wide digital strategy, its development and implementation.

 What to expect during the event

In today’s digital ecosystems it is fundamental to have a robust, scalable, and as much comprehensive as possible materials library. This topic, frequently overlooked both at a strategic and operational level, leads to poor outcomes.

The increasingly appetite in the industry in developing digital twins alongside to the need of greater insights on our designs since day one (eg. embodied carbon) makes a compelling case for adopting a structured approach to a master materials library.

In the presentation we will illustrate an approach to structuring, implementing and manage of a master material library that can be easily implemented, and scaled up to enable a data-driven early-stage decision-making.

Intelligence from day one. A designer’s approach to a master materials library

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