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Masoud Baghaeikia

COBALT Architecture and Design

BIM Manager


Masoud Baghaeikia is a recognised expert on Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Azerbaijan. He holds a Master’s degree in Construction Engineering from the Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University and is the founder of BAKUBIM, a Baku-based organisation supporting the implementation of BIM in Azerbaijan. His experience includes the design of simple and complex buildings ranging from shops to industrial buildings. Masoud started his career as an architect at Azersun Holding where he worked on the design of several different kinds of buildings. In 2015, he founded BAKUBIM and most recently, in 2020, he joined Cobalt Architecture and Design as a BIM Manager. Masoud has strong interpersonal and social skills with the ability to manage other design personnel. He is intimately familiar with the Azeri construction and design standards. Some recently Masoud’s activity in the BakuBIM, Implementation digital transformation in the design companies (BIM Strategy, BIM Implementation plan, BIM standards for companies, Training, and workshops) also attended as a national professional expert into the preparing BIM Strategy (Roadmap) project for the State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture (SCUPA) of the Republic of Azerbaijan with cooperation “Corporate Solutions” UK company and “GARLAND“ Ireland company.

 What to expect during the event

BIM is increasingly in demand within the construction industry internationally in recent years. The application of the technology reconciles several problems within the project teams such as delays, rework, miscommunication, and other related to inefficiencies that affect project success. While it is actively employed by the majority of the developed countries, however, BIM is not as advanced in most developing countries. There are a few studies so far have been seeking to address the BIM adoption barriers in developmental public projects across the developing countries. In the last few years, the number of construction projects in Azerbaijan has increased rapidly. Construction management is critical to ensure that construction projects are completed on time and on budget. Therefore, this speaking reviews BIM uptake in Azerbaijan as a developing country and examines the extent to which it is implemented in this region. In this speaking I am reviewing BIM barriers based on experience as a stakeholder and consultant of the technology implementation in Azerbaijan. To achieve the objectives are reviewed BIM adoption barriers in developing countries like Azerbaijan and around it and a structured questionnaire survey was conducted to collect data from various professionals working in organizations including client, consultant, and contractor. This speaking will provide some insights of how BIM is evolving within this country considering the drivers and barriers in adopting the technology and how this is likely to change in the near future. Although this speaking is limited to the Republic of Azerbaijan, many of the recommendations could be applied to other developing countries. key learning : developing countries , BIM barriers, adopting, Azerbaijan

Challenges of Implementation BIM in the developing countries like Azerbaijan

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