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Maria McNamara


AEC Technical Specialist


Maria is an AEC Technical Specialist with over 4 years of experience at Symetri, where she has become a leading authority in Building Information Modelling (BIM). Her expertise spans a range of cutting-edge software, including BIM 360, ACC, Autodesk Revit, and Autodesk AutoCAD, as well as Autodesk Navisworks, ISO 19650, Dynamo, and Naviate, showcasing her versatility in AEC projects.
At Symetri, Maria has worked with her customers in implementing and supporting BIM 360 and ACC solutions, enhancing project efficiency and collaboration.
Maria's role involves providing comprehensive support for all Autodesk products, optimizing client workflows for seamless operations. She is also an Autodesk certified trainer in Revit, AutoCAD, BIM 360, and ACC promoting a culture of continuous learning.
Her proficiency and commitment to exceptional service ensure that clients receive top-notch expertise and support, leading to successful projects.

 What to expect during the event

Naviate is a powerful software suite for Revit, Civil 3D and Cloud softwares, designed to significantly enhance a company's BIM processes with a robust set of features and tools, streamlining various aspects of BIM, i.e., improving efficiency and accuracy within the organization.

See how Naviate can help your company stay compliant with industry standards and regulations, streamline workflows, reduce errors, save valuable time and costs.

• Naviate Accelerate: Compliance checking, managing parameters, automating view and sheet creation, project management and publish & export of views and sheets.
• Naviate Architecture: Window & Door management tools, automation of room data sheet creation, adding coverings to room surfaces, and curtain grid designer.
• Naviate MEP: Set of features to speed up modelling of mep equipment.
• Naviate Zero: Optimising the building carbon in your designs.

Streamlined Design: Unleash Your Creative Potential with the Power of Automation Tools

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