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Maria José De Tezanos

MDT Arquitectura

CEO - BIM consultant


Architect. Master in BIM Management. BIM consultant and CEO in MDT Arquitectura, architecture office in Uruguay. Expert in BIM basis according to ISO 19650 standard. Member of BIM Forum Uruguay. Creator of BIM online Podcast with more than 6000 downloads.

Have participated in conferences as BIM xp in Barcelona, European BIM summit, National BIM meeting in Uruguay, BIM for developers in Real Estate events in Uruguay and Argentina.

In MDT Arquitectura we collaborate with professionals in the AEC industry, architects, engineers to achieve profitable projects, developing their projects more efficiently with BIM. Planning and coordinating the projects as the basis for optimizing resources. We have developed more than 400.000m2 in projects, working for more than 12 countries in Europe and America.

With more than 10 years in developing executive projects from the beginning with BIM softwares but with 2D process. After learning BIM, I implementate this methodology in my own architecture office and in my clients projects and offices.

After BIM implementation in my own office, I recognized BIM as an inflection point in developing projects, so I decided to share my knowledge and experience to help other professionals to implementate BIM in their projects. Creator of BIM online there are more than 7000 professionals have seen our online webinars, sharing information also in the social networks and with my Podcast, BIM online where I share weekly episodes, ranked in the first places BIM podcast in Spanish and the first BIM podcast in Uruguay.

In BIM online we are convinced that constant training is the only way to approach digital transformation and BIM has launched to take professionals to improve the AEC industry with more planned process, more communication and working in a collaborative way as the only way to achieve more efficient projects.

 What to expect during the event

Still it is important to talk about what BIM is. It is important to share knowledge and experience of what this digital transformation is about and to work collaborative not only in the project development but also in the process and in the trainings. That is why we are convinced from MDT Arquitectura and BIM online that training is the only solution. It is neccesary to achieve a unique level in knowledge the more as we can, to achieve efficient projects and more productivity in the AEC industry. The only way is to work collaborative, to work in better proccess, better communication. Why? Information is the focus point in BIM. BIM has launched to make proffesionals work more efficiently, but software does not guarantee effectiveness. What make us develop effective projects is focus on the process and the information. What shall we develop? Why we should produce information and not only geometry? ISO 19650 standard talks about BIM as a digital and collaborative representation to create a more liable data basis to take more intelligent decisions for our projects. The only wat to create this is with structured process information. For this, it is neccesary to transform the ways we have been working in our projects. And this takes conscioussness and time. Why is it neccessary to chenge our methods? What is the cost of implementating BIM? Are some of the common questions we receive in our architecture office and it is still neccesary to talk about it. Just see what other industries have been doing and what are their results to see that we need to change and to continue talking about it.

How mindset influences when implementing bim

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