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Manisha Garg Das


Principal Consultant


Manisha, is an architect with 22 years of experience in designing buildings, infrastructure, and especially complex services and designed buildings. She heads a global, design consultancy practice since 2006, delivering on GREEN rated comprehensive design.

Her work spans across Indian and international projects. For the past eight years, Manisha has emerged as a champion for digital design, actively developing expertise in BIM and Computational, parametric exploration and Automation. To hone her skills further, she has lately completed her masters in Computer Science with specialization in AI and ML.

She serves as a digital change agent, fostering innovation within her client organizations and project teams. The aim is to bring integrated solutions to every-day challenges through the entire project lifecyle, frm feasibility, design to construction and operations.

 What to expect during the event

BIM generates massive datasets, making efficient management crucial. The presentation showcases ark ARCHITECTURE & RESEARCH KINETICS�, use cases for Effective BIM Management using Automation and Metaheuristics

� Automation & Metaheuristics:
o Repetitive tasks like data validation, clash detection, and code compliance have been automated, (project and team specific), saving time and resources.
o Metaheuristic Algorithms like GA, ACO to optimize design solutions, sequencing problems, optimizations.

Some of the benefits :

� Improved Collaboration: Automation streamlines workflows, allowing architects, engineers, and contractors to collaborate more effectively.
� Enhanced Decision-Making: AI/ML-powered insights empowering data-driven choices throughout the project lifecycle.
� Reduced Costs & Risks: Automation, minimized errors and inefficiencies, data review and dashboards lent better monitoring, while AI/ML helps foresee and mitigate potential problems.

The Future of BIM Management:

This integrated approach using automation, Metaheuristic Algorithms and AI/ML has shown immense potential for AECO industry projects, making BIM management more efficient, data-driven, and optimized, leading to significant improvements in project outcomes.

Automation and BIM Management -
Use Cases
Problem Definition
What not to Do

ARK's Effective BIM Management using Automation and Metaheuristics

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