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Machiel Odendaal

Technical Manager

Modena AEC

Machiel Odendaal is a talented, resourceful and innovative individual. With over 10 years of experience within the Architectural sector in both public and private sectors. Machiel is well versed in design processes, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration amongst others. He can delegate exceptionally well and has good communication skills. He believes in learning agility. Machiel possesses a strong level of visual awareness and an eye for detail. Within the Team at Modena, he is known as the in-house BIM and Revit Guru. He has a passion for design and is determined to automate processes and procedures. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Architecture specializing in Design from The Tshwane University of Technology in Gauteng. Machiel started off his career working within an Architectural practice whereby he gained experience in Residential, Industrial and Commercial projects as well exposure to The world of Autodesk. He is registered as a Registered Snr Architectural Technologist with The South African Council for Architectural Profession (SACAP). Currently, Machiel is The Technical Manager at Modena AEC & Infrastructure where he adds value to the Organization by bridging the gap between Technical and Sales. Within his team, He promotes a culture of personal integrity which includes being truthful, transparent, and genuineness.

 What to expect during the event

This presentation highlights the challenges faced by emerging countries in implementing formal structures like BIM and ISO 19650 due to lack of governmental support, investment, and technology cost. Th presentation suggest that developing human capital can help emerging countries to success in the global BIM market. This can be achieved by investing in education and training programs to develop a highly-skilled workforce capable of competing globally. Creating a supportive ecosystem that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship is essential. By doing so, emerging countries can attract investment and expertise, and develop a competitive advantage in the BIM Market. The presentation brings a story of BIM in South Africa, insights in to the challenges faced by the industry and the future looking growth. Complemented with a bunch of Tips & Tricks and insights from leaders in the field to show the importance of human capital development. Learn about strategies to create a supportive ecosystem for BIM innovation. At the end, the presentation aims to provide a roadmap for emerging countries and companies to develop the necessary human capital to succeed in the global BIM market. -The challenges emerging countries faces. -Methods of implementing and starting the journey. -The good and bad of where we are. -How we can make a global difference.

Developing Human Capital for BIM Success in Emerging Countries.

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