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Khaled Gharib


Assistant Cost Manager/5D Specialist/TA


Khaled is a multifaceted professional who is making significant strides in his career in the AEC and digital technology. Currently working as an Assistant Cost Manager at Gleeds, he is a part of a growing team which is ensuring efficient cost management within Mega construction projects both locally and overseas. His passion drives him to work as a Teaching Assistant at Future university in Egypt and pursues a Master’s of Science degree in a program related to Digital Twin/BIM. Khaled is on an endless quest to bridging the gap between traditional cost management practices and the world of machine learning and data-driven solutions. By integrating these domains, he is taking steps towards innovative approaches that enhance the efficiency and accuracy of cost management in construction projects. With his unwavering dedication to both his career and academic endeavors, Khaled is hoping to make a lasting impact on the construction industry. His commitment to enhancing the cost management process and embracing digital solutions positions him as a dynamic and influential figure in this evolving landscape.

 What to expect during the event

5D Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a paradigm that is changing the construction industry in our ever-evolving world. This cutting-edge methodology incorporates both the essential cost factor and conventional 3D BIM. Owing to its ability to revolutionize project management, cost estimation, and collaboration, Stakeholders are given the tools they need to make wise decisions, control costs, manage risks, and allocate resources efficiently, which improves project results and raises customer satisfaction. The process of implementing 5D BIM is extensive and involves many different steps, such as choosing the right software and training employees. As a result, businesses must promote a BIM-centric culture, make appropriate software tool investments, train their staff, and set up efficient data-sharing procedures across various platforms. However, the implementation of 5D BIM is not without its challenges. Barriers and resistance to change within the construction industry blocks the road of development of 5D BIM within the construction project due to lack of awareness. Looking to the future, 5D BIM shows immense promise. Potential developments include integration with emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, global standardization.

1- What is the 5D for cost managers
2- 5D/Machine learining intergation
3- What do you need to know before choosing 5D BIM

Navigating the future of cost management with 5D BIM

  • 13 Feb 2024, 09:00 – 18:00 GMT+4
    MENA Virtual Event
    An online celebration of excellence and digital innovation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Meet and share knowledge with the BIM Heroes of the AEC Industry.
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