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Kambiz Kordani


Vice President of Planning


MSc. graduated in industrial management at Tehran University Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI Institute BIM Ambassador & BIM Hero from "BIM Coordinators summit" in IRAN Speaker of "BIM Coordinators summit 2022" event More than 9 years of work experience in the field of planning & Project control in the automotive and construction industry Key member (KM), Member of main core Committee (MCC), & Member of content creation committee (CCC) of ACEMI (Construction engineering and management institute) More than 7 years of experience in teaching and instructing specialized industrial engineering software Rank 22 in the national master of management entrance exam Consultant for business intelligence implementation projects and BIM in Farzangan Holding, Saipa Group, Damdaran Co, Sepahan Project Management and...

 What to expect during the event

The presentation aims at exploring the intersection of construction management, lean construction management, building information modelling, and its application in developing countries. Effective management strategies should be adopted to ensure sustainability and maximize project outcomes, given that the construction industry is an important contributor to national growth and development. The abstract will delve into the key concepts of construction management, highlighting its importance in coordinating and overseeing complex construction projects. It will then introduce the principles of lean construction management, emphasizing its focus on eliminating waste, enhancing productivity, and promoting collaboration among project stakeholders. The presentation will demonstrate possible benefits of lean construction practices, such as better project effectiveness, reduced costs and increased quality. In addition, the impact of Building Information Modeling in the construction industry will be reflected in the Abstract. With a view to facilitating effective planning, designing, building and operation of the construction projects, Building Information Models are an enabling tool for creating and managing Digital Representations of Physical and Functional Aspects of Construction Projects. The abstract will highlight the advantages of BIM, including clash detection, improved visualization, enhanced coordination, and information sharing among project participants. In the context of developing countries, the abstract will address the unique challenges and opportunities associated with implementing construction management strategies and adopting BIM technologies. It will discuss how lean construction management and BIM can contribute to sustainable development in these countries, promoting resource efficiency, reducing waste, and fostering collaboration. Finally, the presentation will provide valuable insights into the integration of construction management, lean construction management, and BIM in developing countries. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the potential advantages, challenges, and opportunities in adopting these practices, paving the way for more efficient and sustainable construction projects in the future.

Driving Sustainable Construction Management: Exploring Lean Practices, BIM, and Opportunities in Developing Countries

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