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Kamal Shawky

First Option Engineering Services

Executive Director of First Option


Kamal Shawky is an Egyptian professional with a Master's degree in structural engineering. He has over 18 years of experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.
Kamal currently serves as the Executive Director of First Option Engineering Services, a company.
He is a key committee member of the Egyptian BIM Standard Committee and has been involved in establishing and managing the BIM standards in Egypt.
Kamal has authored two books on BIM, titled "Revit Structure Fundamental" and "Building Information Modeling".
In terms of education, Kamal is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Building Information Modeling.
• First Option Company Awarded the Best Autodesk Learning Partner “Africa and Middle East 2023
• The first option is Shortlisted for the innovation of the year BIG 5 - 2023 for the digital Platform
• Shortlisted for the Technology Leader of the Year at BIG 5 in Dubai, 2022.
•TEA Serv was awarded as the Best Outstanding Startup in BIM in Africa in 2021.
•the second place in the BIM Show Live Competition worldwide for BIM in 2020.
•Recognized as the second-best engineer in BIM in Africa in 2021.
•Received an award from Autodesk for exceptional efforts in digital transformation in Egypt and the Middle East in BIM in 2021.

 What to expect during the event

Digital twin technology is revolutionizing the construction industry, ushering in a new era of efficiency, precision, and collaboration. Imagine a virtual replica of a physical building or infrastructure project, updated in real-time, mirroring its every detail and condition. This is the essence of digital twins. They offer a dynamic and data-rich digital counterpart to the physical world, allowing stakeholders to not only monitor and analyze ongoing construction but also predict performance, optimize resources, and enhance decision-making.

In this presentation, we will explore how digital twin technology is reshaping construction processes. We will delve into its applications, from design and planning to project management and facility maintenance. We'll see how real-time data integration, 3D modeling, IoT sensors, and AI-driven analytics converge to empower project teams, reduce risks, and ensure projects are on time and on budget. We will also discuss the role of interoperability and standardization in fostering the widespread adoption of digital twins, and the challenges and opportunities they present for construction professionals.

Understanding Digital Twins
Applications Across the Construction Lifecycle
Enhanced Decision-Making

Digital twin technology is transforming the construction industry

  • 13 Feb 2024, 09:00 – 18:00 GMT+4
    MENA Virtual Event
    An online celebration of excellence and digital innovation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Meet and share knowledge with the BIM Heroes of the AEC Industry.
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