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José María Abellán Alemán

Architect-BIM software-developper, BIM researcher


Working in BIM since 2004. Expert developper in Autodesk and opensource BIM technologies.

 What to expect during the event

Did you know that you can automate the cost estimate of a project in minutes? Did you know that you can accurately estimate the cost of a low LOD/LOIN design in early stages to help you and your customer take a decission about materials and construction systems before the design is done? Did you know that you can 'weight' the sustainable KPI instantly as your design evolves? I can show you how using automatic cost and sustainable tools.

I've been using BIM since 2004 in my own projects, and I have working as consultants for many architect and engineers firms since 2012. I have been developping my own BIM apps and tailored-made apps for others since 2016. Currently focused in automatic BIM-based cost-estimating and sustainable desing.

No upcoming events at the moment
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