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Joan Mulvihill


Digitalisation Lead

Digitalisation Lead for Siemens in Ireland, Joan Mulvihill is at the forefront of driving technology adoption in Ireland since 2009. Having previously held the position of CEO of the Irish Internet Association and Centre Director for the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing, Joan leads on digitalisation and innovation with a deep commitment to value outcomes. Her focus has always been on creating sustainable value through technology adoption. While the technology itself evolves at pace, the threads of creativity, diversity and societal impact are always woven tightly into her reflections on business transformation. Her role as Digitalisation Lead for Siemens is the natural alignment of an individual and an organisation both committed to developing a sustainable future through digitalisation. She effortlessly balances wide lens future thinking with the practicalities of the here and now for businesses. With her colleagues at Siemens, Joan believes in collaborating with customers to leverage collective domain expertise, creative thinking and problem solving to realise solutions that transform businesses and create a truly sustainable future.

 What to expect during the event

The more we roboticise, digitalise and algorithmically progamme all that can be programmed and digtialised, the more human our organisations will become - because the only thing left for the humans to do is that which is truly human. We’ve arrived at a point in our human evolution where our organisations have rewarded the humans who have performed most like good machines - reliable, consistent and functional while simultaneously creating machines to perform more like humans. I love what technology can do but this is not a digital world. This our human world, we are living in the digital age. How will this digital age change us? How can we lean into our humanity to make the most of the technology for a better world for all the humans on it? It will necessitate connect with our true creativity, our conscious intention and purpose. That is what makes us human. What can we learn from the artist mindset for more artful knowing and less linear thinking, for a more sustainable future.

The Digital Age - and the art of the human world

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