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Jean-Marc Couffin

BIMOne inc. & JMMKM Architekti

Senior BIM Specialist, Architect DPLG


Senior BIM specialist for BIM One, Jean-Marc is a registered architect in Czech Republic. As an architect, he is focused on eco-logical buildings and architecture. He has over 15 years of experience in the construction field, in Canada, France, Vietnam, Singapore and Czech Republic. Strong project management skills. Highly skilled in computer sciences, always tinkering codes, mostly in python, and playing with graphical software programming. He developped tools to help its team to deal with repeatitive tasks and tedious work in windows, google drive or Revit. He regularly contributes to open source projects such as pyRevit. A reference in BIM management, Revit practises and a good habit of hand drawing to communicate with projects team.

 What to expect during the event

This presentation will run you through the process and the tools for you to create a custom toolbar with a set of custom tools thanks to pyRevit, some python coding or a dynamo script. The idea is to empower advanced users of Revit and help them structure a toolbox to improve their productivity and get rid of the repetitive or tedious tasks. • First part will cover the structure of pyRevit Framework, its capabilities, and its set of tools • Second part will be about creating a simple toolbar • Third part about the creation of a few scripts to populate our toolbar • Finally, to show a way to distribute the toolbar across an organization. - pyRevit Framework Structure - Create a basic toolbar in revit - Revit API basis - Code Python tools thanks to pyRevit API

Tame Revit creating your own tools with pyRevit

  • 07 Sept, 09:00 – 18:00 IST
    Dublin 4, Anglesea Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, D04 AK83, Ireland
    Live @ RDS Dublin, Ireland + Virtual. Meet and share knowledge with the BIM Heroes of the AEC Industry. A celebration of excellence and digital innovation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction.
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