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Gabriele Bruno

Cunnane Stratton Reynolds

Landscape Architect & BIM Manager


I am the first Landscape Architect working in Revit in Ireland, and the first BIM Manager in the Landscape Architecture Sector in Ireland. I am based in Dublin, Ireland with over 8 years of experience, and I am a full Corporate Member of most important Worldwide Landscape Architecture Association: IFLA, EFLA, AIAPP and ILI. Since I earned my MSc in Landscape Architecture in Sapienza University, I have worked in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism offices in Europe, and also achieved with success the Revit Professional Certificate, which allowed me working on important International BIM Landscape Projects in Ireland, Germany, Bosnia Herzegovina and Italy as Afragola Train Station (Naples, Italy), designed by Zaha Hadid. I have been also engaged to work-on projects at all design stages from inception to implementation, working closely with clients, multi-disciplinary project teams, stakeholders and statutory agencies to achieve economic, social and environmental benefits through attractive and sustainable development.

 What to expect during the event

Nowadays Revit is useful for Architects and Engineers but it has limitations in the Landscape Architecture Sector. So, I am developing an innovative System which allows Landscape Architects to work in a more accurate way: - Bespoke Library - Bespoke Families - Revised Design Procedure - BIM Implementation - Specific Projects Completed and Ongoing to be presented in the Summit

Revit in Landscape Architecture: Innovations and Solutions

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