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Gabe Paez

Head of Product, XR



Gabe has two decades of award-winning experience leading teams in technology, immersive content, and digital media with a focus on Augmented and Virtual Reality.
He is currently Head of Product for XR at Autodesk, building the next generation of immersive collaboration tools for the Autodesk ecosystem. Autodesk's portfolio of XR tools, including The Wild and Prospect by IrisVR, enable the world's leading Architecture, Engineering, and Construction companies to ideate, review, and collaborate from anywhere in the world in AR and VR.
Prior to this, Gabe was the Founder and CEO of The Wild, which was acquired by Autodesk in 2022. Before The Wild, Gabe founded Emaginorium — an innovation consultancy, that designed and built immersive software products and experiences for industry-leading companies including Google, Samsung, Nike, AT&T, and Verizon.

 What to expect during the event

Recent advancements in XR technologies have opened up vast possibilities for fostering alignment, collaboration, and better decision-making in the AEC industries. This presentation explores the concept of leveraging ubiquitous access to data in immersive XR environments to achieve improved alignment, better decisions, and sustainable outcomes.

Through examining Autodesk’s current XR solutions and industry use cases, we will demonstrate how XR empowers professionals to visualize complex data, spatial relationships, and design options. Additionally, we will showcase how leveraging XR can create new opportunities for sustainability by enabling informed decisions, reducing rework, and optimizing resource utilization. Attendees will gain insights into the value of alignment and collaboration in the AEC industry, and they will better understand how their firms can embrace XR technologies for enhanced workflows and successful project delivery.

Learning Points
o Ubiquitous access to data in immersive XR experiences improves alignment and decision-making in the AEC industry.
o Immersive XR experiences enhance understanding, communication, and collaboration among AEC stakeholders.
o XR technologies drive sustainability by enabling informed decisions and optimizing resource utilization in the AEC industry.
o Overcoming challenges in implementing connected immersive XR experiences requires industry innovation and collaboration.
o Leveraging immersive XR experiences creates connected and data-driven workflows, enhancing alignment, decision-making, and client engagement in the AEC industry.

Immersed in the Data: Fostering Alignment & Collaboration in XR

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