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Francisco Reis




Francisco Reis, CEO at BIMMS, a company dedicated in the Implementation, Management, Coordination and Modeling of Projects in BIM. Civil Engineer, specialized in Structures, by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, International MBA in Finance from the Catholic Business School of Porto & ESADE – Barcelona and Postgraduation in Web 3.0 Blockchain & Crypto economics by ISAG – European Business School. From his curriculum, we can highlight participations in Project and Construction of Museums, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Infrastructures, Data Centers & Semiconductors. Trainer of the BIM Course at BIMA+ (University of Minho), Curso BIM, BIM Postgraduation (ISEP), Nova Lisboa and FEUP, as well as, guest lecturer in several conferences related to the BIM Methodology. Francisco Reis is a digital enthusiast and member of associations such as Builtcolab, BuildingSmart, NBCT197BIM.

 What to expect during the event

The absence of guidelines for the development and management of information in a Project leads to constraints in quality, time and budgetary control. This is one of the most recurring challenges to the digitalization of a Project’s management. MS is a digital platform that provides a collaborative environment to manage your projects throughout their entire lifecycle. It brings every agent together, from concept, to construction and operation, facilitating the parametrization of data and promoting conformity and balance, which in result leads to better communication and reliable interdisciplinary coordination. In this presentation we will demonstrate how MS uses a basis of standardized frameworks in tandem with sets of adaptive templates to characterize your Project’s Units, specifying it with more detail as the lifecycle stages progress. The platform’s core consists of three main fundamental branches that create a collaborative digital environment to:➔ Define your project milestones and requirements ➔ Overview your project’s status and technical quality➔ Collaboratively generate and validate information MScope is the project’s basepoint from which all information processes are defined. Always know who’s responsible for what, when and how it is to be achieved, under predefined requirements detailed for your project. MSight is an integrated openBIM solution to visualize your models in the MS platform. MSight intuitively guides you through model version control, technical hierarchy and federation. MSource is the Project’s data repository, standing as a single source of information to all participants as well as a mechanism for the implementation of validated standards for data classification.

MS- Unified Digital Management of a Project’s Information Processes

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