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Francesco Cappilli

BIMaking Engineering

Founder | Engineering Director

MSc. Civil and Environmental Engineer (Firm Province of Perugia no. A3559). Unreal Authorized Instructor partner for Epic Games, Megagrant Winner - Endorsed Program: Perugia is Unreal! - Beyond a Community to Authorized Training Center! Several years Experience in Pharma Projects (Greenfields and Revampings) and on linear construction projects (pipelines, power lines, roads, railroad, waterways). My activity is mainly focused in AEC Digital Construction, focused in Environment, Safety, Sustainability. - Digital Twins and Realtime Environent Simulations. - BIM Management Systems, Computational and Generative design (UNI 11337:7; ISO 19650). - New technologies Trainer and Evangelist, as Epic Unreal Engine Community Leader Perugia is Unreal. - HSE Coordinator and Manager (Safety Coordinator - IT D.lgs. 81/08 - CSP - CSE- RSPP). - Safety Trainer (IT D.lgs. 2013). - CTU - Court Appointed Expert - Consulente tecnico d'Ufficio - (art.61 del Codice di Procedura Civile) - Commissioning and Project Management for Industrial and Infrastructural Engineering. Italian mother tongue speaking, I'm Fluent in English and can speak a bit of French and German. I'm always trying to reach the best results possible, motivated by creative and proactive team working, always trying to increase my competences, skills and experience.

 What to expect during the event

Virtual Environment Eyes. Creating complex simulations as of state of art and potential perspective in the AECM industry, eXtended Reality Training, Sustainability and Heritage Conservation. Objectives: - Make easy, replicable, and understandable standards for the HS/E managers: workers have to be correctly instructed in risk evaluation procedures. - More and attractive graphics engaging Millennials. - Easier documentation access for workers. In European Countries, Sustainability and Environmental Design is focused on FIT55 and Repower EU objectives, we currently design Modern Revamping for buildings (NZEB, Ventilated Facades, etc.), and we use VEE for Showing the results to people involved in (owners, Public Administrations, Ministries). A Digital Twin is a virtual replication of any product, process, or system. based on massive, cumulative, real-time, real-world data across an array of dimensions. However, it also utilizes the past or historical data for analyzing and taking/giving predictive analysis decisions based on previous patterns and scenarios. Moreover, traceability of Building performance can be done integrating IoT (Internet of Things) or BMS (Building Monitoring System) data and optimization in design process. To produce an Immersive Experience, we strongly use Unreal Engine in a seamless procedure wherein example a federated BIM or GIS model can be visualized and interacted using Gamification Routines and AI. - Digital Twins, training in Health and Safety (H&S) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) procedures or Simulations (ex. Military, Fire Safety, Pharma). - Explain how any federated data (BIM or GIS) can integrated with the Unreal Environments for Life Cycle Assessment (ex. LEED Certifications, Sustainability).

Project VEE | Virtual Environment Eyes - Digital Twins and Metaverse

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