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Fabio Roberti

HKS Architects

Regional Practice Technology Leader

Fabio Roberti is the Regional Practice Technology Leader- EMEA at HKS Architects. Fabio implements the digital strategy to consolidate processes and workflows to enhance project deliverables and supports BIM processes to improve technology adoption with an understanding of British Standards and ISO 19650. He analyses BIM contractual requirements and collaboration with the Commercial and Bid departments. Besides BIM excellence, Fabio is interested in the rapidly advancing artificial intelligence sector, programming and technologies which support superior construction deliverables. He is also the author of the book “Increasing Autodesk Revit Productivity for BIM Projects”, which helps companies with BIM implementation and information management.

 What to expect during the event

In this workflow, you will learn how to quickly and efficiently create a site context for the concept stage using Infraworks and link it to Revit with textures for visualisation in Twinmotion.

Infraworks isn't just for engineers and master planning teams; anyone can use it for visualisation with simple steps.

By leveraging the power of Infraworks, FormIt, Revit, and Twinmotion, you'll be able to create stunning and realistic visualisations that accurately represent your design and the site context.

This workflow will allow you to create a detailed site context in a matter of minutes with Infraworks!

Follow along with the step-by-step instructions, and you'll be amazed at the quality of the results you can achieve. Objectives:

1. Accelerate your site context creation with Infraworks
2. Using FormIt as a host for site context before linking to Revit
3. Visualise the Infraworks model with textures in Revit
4. Bringing site context to life with Revit and Twinmotion

Mastering Site Context Visualisation for Concept Design: A Step-by-Step Workflow with Infraworks, FormIt, Revit, and Twinmotion

  • 07 Sept, 09:00 – 18:00 IST
    Dublin 4, Anglesea Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, D04 AK83, Ireland
    Live @ RDS Dublin, Ireland + Virtual. Meet and share knowledge with the BIM Heroes of the AEC Industry. A celebration of excellence and digital innovation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction.
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