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Erik Frits

Revit API Developer and Educator | BIM Specialist


I am self taught python and Revit API developer. I've written hundreds of scripts and I shared more tha 50 tools in my EF-Tools Extension for Revit. I am also a YouTuber and I teach people to do the same thing. I share my knowledge about Revit and Revit API and I hope that many people will get encouraged to start learning the new skill.

 What to expect during the event

Learn how to get the most from Revit with Revit API and python. Revit is not perfect, but we don't need to wait for Autodesk to solve all our problems. Take control in your own hands! This skill will allows you to: - Automate your boring and repetative work - Create Custom Workflows - Standardize your projects - Allow you to exchange data in a better way and more! Outline: - Setup python Environment + Revit Plugins - Get Familiar with Tools and Resources (Docs, Plugins, pyRevit...) - Select Elements - Read and Set Parameters - Transactions - Master Getting Elements - Inputs and Outputs

7 Steps to Get Started with Revit API

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