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Emma Weller


Associate Principal, BIM Manager


Associate Principal heading up Digital & BIM for Introba UK, informing on BIM Standards & overseeing internal standards and strategies. Passionate about coordination & finding efficiencies in day to day workflows.

 What to expect during the event

In this session we will present the outcome of what happened when a Project Manager & Two BIM Coordinators attempt to design & model the building services of a 100,000 Square feet office in just 3 days. We have thrown out traditional processes & rebuilt workflows backed by software, automation & data. Our goal was to reduce the programme by 95% and challenge the status quo of the MEP design process to support the wider design team. By disconnecting from our daily routines of emails, meetings and teams calls, three employees documented their process. We analyze the positives, drawbacks & lessons learnt to evaluate if this case study was successful and how we will use these findings to shape our project resources & processes in the future. Gain insight on what is achievable when you are close to 100% productivity Evaluate the MEP design process and bring a new perspective to project scheduling. How the wider design team can support the MEP design process while gaining advantages. What are ‘easy wins’ for digital workflows in MEP coordination

Rethinking workflows: Can we deliver 12 Weeks of MEP Design in 3 days?

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