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Elena Christina C. Montemayor


Product Manager


Ar. Ma. Elena Christina C. Montemayor has been a registered and licensed Architect of the Philippines since 2014. She graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus in 2012 with a Bachelor�s Degree in Architecture. She started her career as a BIM architect in the Philippines� number one design firm working on offshore BIM projects, Point clouds and technology integration. She has been specialising in BIM ever since, even taking on positions as Business Manager for 2 BIM Startups from 2019-2023. She is also a WELL Accredited Professional. She currently works as a Product Manager for Evercam, using her knowledge of BIM, Architecture and Construction to develop their product designed for the Construction Industry.

 What to expect during the event

In the field of construction and project management, the advent of open reality capture platforms has revolutionised the way we monitor and assess progress remotely on-site. With the ability to integrate data from multiple sources, these platforms offer a comprehensive view of project development like never before. However, amidst this abundance of data, ensuring accurate progress tracking remains a challenge.
This presentation delves into the pivotal role Building Information Modeling (BIM) plays in addressing this challenge. By harnessing the power of BIM alongside reality capture technologies, we can bridge the gap between predicted actions and actual progress on construction sites. Through a systematic approach, we explore how BIM serves as a foundational framework for measuring real-time progress against initial projections.


BIM as a Foundation for Tracking Progress in an Open Reality Capture Platform

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