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Dhekra Ben Fadhel




Graduated from the National School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tunis, I have had the experience of designing projects in my own office for 22 years, in different sectors. Currently I am a professional Master BIM student at the national school of architecture and town planning of Tunis.
Looking forward to learning more, discovering and participating in this world of BIM.

 What to expect during the event

Optimize design processes with Dynamo Revit
In a world where efficiency is essential, task automation is becoming a major asset for architectural design professionals. Dynamo Revit offers a powerful solution to automate repetitive processes, accelerate workflows and free up time for innovation and creativity.
1. Advantages of automation:
- Time saving: significant reduction in time spent on repetitive tasks.
- Minimizing human errors through automated execution of complex tasks.
- Flexibility: creating custom scripts to meet specific project and team needs.
2. Use cases:
- Automation of modeling tasks: creation of complex geometries, generation of reports.
- Workflow optimization: layout automation, data management, coordination of disciplines.
- Advanced customization: script development for business or project specific applications.
Conclusion :
Task automation by Dynamo Revit represents immense potential for architecture and engineering professionals. By investing time in learning and developing visual programming skills.

- Automated creation of floor plans from conceptual models.
- Automatic generation of quantity tables from Revit models.

Dynamo a creativity tool beyond its technical aspect

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