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David Llorente

Atlas Industries

Digital Director


With a formal background in BIM Management, Architecture, and IT, David has considerable know-how in the development and implementation of international BIM methodologies, standards, and protocols.
Joining Atlas in 2022 as Digital Director, David brings a passion for new technologies and R&D activities. In his role, he is responsible for leading the digital team on projects and supporting digital business development across all Atlas markets, including digital consulting, technology, and project delivery solutions.
Prior to Atlas, David managed a wide range of large architectural BIM projects across South-East Asia and China, including offices, hotels, resorts, and residential buildings.

 What to expect during the event

In a demanding industry, AEC companies are forced to embrace new technologies to improve their efficiency, taking the maximum of their resources, while increasing the quality of their services to remain competitive.
While purchasing proprietary add-ins is an option for many companies, it comes with several disadvantages. In this session, we will cover the strategy that Atlas Industries followed to create our own modular Revit add-in using pyRevit and Python, which is now utilized company-wide for all kinds of projects with excellent results.
We will review the evolution of the tool and the issues we encountered during the development. We will dive deep into our solution, describing its modular approach and its capability to create a global library tool, able to gather and run scripts developed with different languages or by different teams inside the company. We will describe the strategy followed to create tailored add-ins depending on the team and the project. Finally, we will review the reporting capabilities of our tool, able to capture data on its use and provide detailed information on the teams' and projects� performance, allowing opportunities to develop new scripts or improve the existing ones.

- Learn the benefits of creating a custom modular Revit add-in.
- Understand the development process, challenges, and modular approach of the tool.
- Discover how the tool's reporting capabilities capture data for continuous improvement.

Unleash the power of Python: How to create modular and customizable Revit tools

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