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Dara Khera


Managing Director

Dara is a digital construction specialist working at the intersection of technology, architecture, engineering and construction. He has spent the past 20 years designing systems to coordinate, automate and optimise. Dara specialises in the modelling of hypergranular BIM to deliver lean construction projects through his design & build company Work Ltd.

 What to expect during the event

The Token Bungalow proposes a set of novel solutions for reimagining the core operations of the AECO sector. Our aim is to demonstrate alignment between hyper-granular Building Information Modelling (BIM), smart contracts, and a decentralised common data environment (D-CDE), providing a real-world view on how problems the industry faces can be addressed through the use of decentralised, optimised and automated systems.

Though Blockchain, hyper-granular BIM, digital twins, D-CDE and smart contracts have been distinct areas of discussion and research in the sector, they have never been used before as a fully aligned system. These digital technologies can be assembled to act symbiotically, radically affecting the efficiency, transparency, productivity and potential of the largest technological backwater in modern industry.

Hypergranular BIM, harnessing precise design and enabling informed decision-making for the pre-construction phase
allows for accurate forecasting
facilitates optimised construction sequencing
provides feedback via ongoing data collection

The Token Bungalow - Transforming AEC, where hypergranular BIM meets blockchain

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