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Dara Khera

Managing Director



Dara is a digital construction specialist working at the intersection of technology, architecture, engineering and construction. He has spent the past 20 years designing systems to coordinate, automate and optimise. Dara specialises in the modelling of hypergranular BIM to deliver lean construction projects through his design & build company Work Ltd. Dara is currently the founder of BOHM - building on-chain solutions for the AEC sector.

 What to expect during the event

The Five best kept secrets that clients need to know and to understand about BIM

1. Though It has been proven that BIM can deliver the promise of lower cost, high performance and increased sustainability, but not in the way that it is currently applied to 90%+ projects.

2. The default position in the level of information supplied, when there are no clients EIR’s, is to supply as little as possible.

3. BIM is only effectively interoperable within certain confined eco systems.

4. OpenBim does not really exist in practical reality, the major BIM authoring software are not reliably interoperable.

5. Clients do not know how to specify their BIM requirements, and are not familiar with what it can deliver.

Why the client is the most important person in any BIM set up. The best kept secret from the client is the real power of BIM.

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