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Dainius Gudavi_ius




Construction Manager turned IT Engineer. He has a rich history in the construction industry and IT, recognized as an award-winning multidisciplinary BIM manager with involvement in significant projects like the Vilnius combined heat and power plant. Currently he is a director of ENGMAN ARCCON UAB, provider of IT services for engineering companies. He is also a Full Stack Developer with expertise in React and .NET, as well as an author and speaker.

 What to expect during the event

Introduction: Overview of SharePoint capabilities.
Setup: Steps to enable sharing and manage users in SharePoint.
Configuration: Guide to configuring a SharePoint site.
ISO 19650: Understanding requirements and implementation.
BIM Viewer: Integrating BIM Viewer into SharePoint.

Learn about SharePoint and its capabilities as CDE
Learn advanced user management strategies.
Get to know site configuration techniques.
Learn strategies to implement ISO 19650 requirements.
Learn how to add BIM Viewing capabilities to SharePoint.

Strategies to turn you document management system into CDE (ft. MS SharePoint)

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